Material of milking machine should be chosen to avoid magnetic effects

by:Desing      2020-04-08
We the milking machine is the best selection of quality, this product can extrude ecological health, if contain the magnetic that will produce certain negative influence to the human body. The milking chance magnetic effect? So it depends, if do not have a good selection can produce magnetic. Milking machine with this kind of situation, in general it itself is no problem, but have relationship with the use of material. So, that we don't know what happened inside change of physical chemistry leading to a situation like this? Cooling molding milking machine with magnetic is due to the austenitic stainless steel in the cooling process in the process of forming the internal structure has changed, part of the austenite into martensite, and the heart of the structure of the martensite stainless steel body is with magnetic. Structure of austenitic stainless steel in theory is magnetic, but austenitic stainless steel after cold working magnetic occurs. Its main reason is that in the process of processing when the stainless steel heating to change the above specified temperature of austenite and keep after a period of time, the stainless steel will be transformed into austenite, but then milking machine need cooling molding, in the process of fast cooling molding, when cool austenite to martensite transformation temperature, its organization began to shift into martensite, until the temperature dropped to form martensite structure below the transition temperature stops changing. So we later when the choose and buy the raw material of the milking machine should pay more attention, otherwise such a magnetic milking equipment for our work can also cause a certain influence, should choose to contain austenitizing elements content in many materials, pay attention on production process, so that you can reduce this kind of circumstance happening.
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