Medical rubber products to continue to develop

by:Desing      2020-04-11
The Thai rubber kraal pad has been know rubber products, widely used but have never thought, rubber and health and a great deal of origin. But China's medical rubber still exist certain problems, how to catch up with the world advanced level, still need to be resolved. Medical latex products has developed rapidly, from 2010 medical rubber products use and production, is one of the fastest growing medical latex products. Domestic latex gloves products also continue to increase, if there is no powder containing latex gloves, antibacterial antiviral microcapsule gloves, gloves, low protein content of nano CaCO3, SiO2 latex gloves, such as new product appear constantly, and great improvement in product vulcanization process, additives, etc. Since the second half of 2009, China rubber latex gloves production enterprises received international orders, is expected in the next few years, exports will be a restorative growth. As the climate anomalies, flu around the world in recent years, demand for latex products will increase in the global scope, the development of related industries also puts forward new requirements on latex products. According to the latest report, the United States last year, a total of consumes 27 billion pairs of latex gloves, the number of the world's highest. In recent years, the world each year about 600 ~ 65 billion pairs of latex gloves, among them, the western developed countries sales accounted for about 75% share of the developing countries accounted for only 25% of the share. Medical experts believe that the best way to prevent influenza transmission is to strengthen personal protection, avoid contact with the virus, and wear latex gloves is currently the most effective way to prevent hands contact source. Therefore, the demand of international market of latex gloves will continue to rise. In 2010, the condom production around 6 billion, including 4 billion in the domestic market demand, export 2 billion; Medical gloves production volume has reached around 1. 2 billion, including 400 million in the domestic market demand, export 800 million vice; Examination gloves off sales reached 4 billion, of which 500 million only in the domestic market demand, export 3. 5 billion; Household gloves production volume has reached around 500 million, including three of the domestic market demand. 1 500 million, exports. 500 million vice. In addition, the low protein latex, low allergy source latex, modified latex and synthetic latex were commercialized, provides a new latex industrial raw materials, characteristics of latex products new product appear constantly. The development of related industries also puts forward new requirements on latex products. The development of medical and health care, medical gloves, condoms examination gloves, blood transfusion hose and various kinds of medical catheter, more and more demand. Especially due to the spread of HIV/AIDS, latex products, the main products - — Condoms, the surge in demand for medical gloves, examination gloves. With the widely application of the medical glue plug and people to the medical glue is higher and higher demands, several modified rubber, butyl rubber and its good physical and chemical properties are widely used as a stopper production material, on the basis of the butyl rubber thermoplastic elastomer materials due to the low extraction rate and the advantages of simple processing was used to make medical glue. According to incomplete statistics, in 2010, for the production of rubber bottle stopper of IIR reached 30000 tons. Medical rubber and plastic products for the future development trend. In recent years, although China medical rubber and its products have made substantial progress, but compared with developed countries and the development of the domestic medical requirements, there is still a large gap in basic research, type is not complete, need a lot of imported raw materials, product quality stability and reliability, low technology content and added value of products. But according to Mr Tai rubber kraal pad ( www。 syaotai。 com) Understand that by 2015 China is only used to treat the market value of the human body biological material implant and beauty will reach 8 ~ $1 billion, as a result, relevant departments should seize opportunities to accelerate the development of medical rubber and metal products. Related: rubber insulation kraal pad was '' girl'
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