Milk bottle of measurement requirements of choose and buy

by:Desing      2020-04-02
Milk bottle of milk is a kind of of measurement, everyone is when the choose and buy must pay attention to more, if you choose the is not suitable for measuring bottle of milk, dairy will bring irreparable damage, if you want to avoid this phenomenon, is to be selected according to the following points: 1, to look at. Is the measurement: is logo on the bottle of milk, including its scale and color. Good milk bottle of metrology is a bright, there is a clear corporate logo, without any impurities. And the unqualified milk measuring bottle logo does not display, color yellow, blister, stain and contains impurities, look to the light, the scale is not clear. 2, smell. Substandard milk metering open bottle have a smell a smell, measurement qualified milk bottle is no peculiar smell smell when open. 3, pinch. Measurement qualified milk bottle strength is very good, hand hold is not easy to deformation, unqualified measuring bottle of milk, specialty gently knead easy deformation. Measuring the progress of The Times, make milk bottles used more and more widely, it not only work under constant temperature condition, are required to work under high temperature or low temperature state, only consider the above three aspects when choosing, can ensure choose high quality measurement of milk bottles.
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