Milk metering of bottle green

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Rapid economic development of the living standard had the very big enhancement, but waste phenomenon is more and more serious, so the state began to advocate a green economy, measuring bottle milk is also involved in among them, the milk metering reflect where, bottle green, here small make up just to tell everyone about it: 1, milk bottle green also represents the ecological environment and human health; 2, green means environmental protection first, so easy to recycle and utilization is a necessary characteristic; 3, green health is the most basic meaning, thus let the milk, no peculiar smell send out important features of the measurement is milk bottle; 4, beautiful and natural is the common requirement of all equipment, therefore green uniform texture and good touch feeling is also essential. Milk bottle of measurement greening is the important guarantee to improve the quality of milk, measuring the greening of the milk bottle can make reference to the trust of milk, and can enhance its service life, is a good way to reflect.
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