Milk milk cup shell of milking machine accessories and claw light above

by:Desing      2020-03-19
If you want to make the milking machine can work normally, not milking machine accessories, milk and milk cup shell and claw is the important part of the accessories, how much do you know about this knowledge? A milk, milk cup shell milking machine accessories cup shell are usually made of stainless steel material, requirements must be in conformity with the milk cup inner sleeve of special design, at the same time should be designed to be easy when milking, and production material is durable, even if the cow to is not easy to damage. To optimize the whole milk cup group weight, the weight of the milk cup should be optimized. Second, milk claw milking machine accessories milk claw on four short pulse tube milk cup, respectively and the corresponding pulse tube and long milk tube together. Design to avoid with a cow nipple, the cross infection between the different use relatively independent milk claw or a one-way valve. Air enters the milk claw this process can help the milk from the milk cup group quickly move out, if meet with high yield in milking cows or cow milk flow velocity is faster, the size of the milk cup group and capacity is relatively important. Milk cup shell with the combination of milk claw to reinforce milking machine accessories use stability, continuously from the set of breast milk inside and save time, reduce the waste.
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