Milk milk factory house to pause with matching of the vacuum pump

by:Desing      2020-03-17
Use milking machine work can greatly improve the work efficiency, also can improve the cleanliness of the milk. Constitute a milking machine is one of the most important parts vacuum pump, to make the milking machine can work normally, it is very important to choose matching of the vacuum pump. The milking vendors would relate this knowledge for everyone. Milking machine milking machine form a complete set of vacuum pump is to provide a stable vacuum degree in vacuum pump suction effect. Package unit consists of vacuum pumps, vacuum tank, vacuum regulator, vacuum gauges and vacuum tube, etc. After vacuum pump vacuum by vacuum tank of voltage stability, through the vacuum tube connected to the milking machine. By the size of the vacuum degree in vacuum tube in vacuum regulator to adjust, and the vacuum meter display. Milking machine with piston vacuum pump, rotary vane and water ring type and other types, with single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump application. General factors affecting the working performance of the milking machine is vacuum, pulse frequency and the beat. The main influence factors of fluctuation frequency is vacuum degree. When the vacuum degree change, can make the milking rate, milking time, pulse frequency and the beat than change. High vacuum degree, will increase residual amount of milk in the breast, nipple hyperemia, cause breast diseases; Vacuum through low, makes the milking speed is slow, cause milk cup fall off. When the volatility will also cause the instantaneous air flow, the virus into the breast. Therefore, milking vacuum stability requirements within the scope of the 43 ~ 53000 mpa, volatility is higher than 2. 5 ~ 4000 mpa. For milking pause with matching of the vacuum pump can not only produce high quality milk, is also very comfortable and for cattle. Above is milking vendors would talk about milk for pause with knowledge of the matching of the vacuum pump, hope to help you.
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