Milking equipment cleaning and maintenance

by:Desing      2020-04-06
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking equipment cleaning and maintenance of the milking equipment happened using vacuum suction function simulation of the calf pumping action, milking equipment for 00 ~ 00 milking cows. Suck out the milk. General milking equipment are milking hundreds of cows, so it is important to pay special attention to the equipment cleaning and maintenance, it should be how to cleaning and maintenance? Look at the following content first rinse, then put into hot detergent ( Temperature 0 ℃) Inside, brush with wool washing, with 0 ℃ hot water wash, finally to dry and set aside. Cleaning, check the rubber in the rubber cover milk cup set should be cleaned down, but to prevent deformation due to water temperature is too high, at the same time, to check the rubber sleeve is in good condition, found a leak phenomenon, should be replaced immediately. Check set milk machine set milk after cleaning and assembly should check whether the rubber washer is in good condition, whether the holes on the walls and air flow. Prevent damage of glass tube on the milk pot cover glass tube HeJinKong switch, cleaning process to handle with care, prevent damage, after assembly shall not leak. Maintenance pulsator pulsator and vacuum hose unpick and wash once a week, and check whether the pulsator rubber film is in good condition, whether wall holes and air flow. After assembled, in accordance with 0 per minute Zero pulse frequency adjustment good for use. Pulsator refueling should be carried out according to the requirement of the supplier. In a timely manner to replace milk pipe to replace milk in time, otherwise, on the one hand milking difficulties caused by the elastic variation, on the other hand, any tiny crack on the surface will scale residual milk, provide the conditions for bacteria breeding. Inspect breast pump check once a week, such as check valve diaphragm rupture, air will enter the breast pump, should have a breast pump check valve and set aside. Monthly check clean vacuum regulator, sensor and a vacuum pump belt use wet cloth rub-up vacuum regulator valve, seat, such as filter, clean with soap liquid sensor to dry before loading; With your thumb on the belt should have. Cm lengths, belt worn or damaged shall promptly replaced, replace or adjust the strap, should check whether the two wheel is on a straight line. So equipment cleaning and maintenance is very important if you don't to clear in time is likely to cause a series of problems such as bacterial infection, so every time after milking, should be timely cleaning milk after all parts and check the maintenance of equipment, so as to better assist the breeder better improve work efficiency.
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