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Milking equipment ensures the large-scale development of cow breeding

Milking equipment ensures the large-scale development of cow breeding


Latest trend

In the dairy production chain, cow breeding is the initial link, but also an important link closely related to its quality. In the past two years, the consumption of dairy products in China has been generally stably improving. In 2019, the total consumption of raw milk converted dairy products was about 43 million tons, up 2.3% from 2019.   

At the same time, the domestic dairy industry is also developing towards standardization and scaling up, which promotes the development of cow milking equipment, and the development of milking machinery also promotes the development of dairy industry.


Driven by government policies and market regulation, the number of small dairy farms in China has been shrinking rapidly in the past two years, while the average size of dairy farming has been growing steadily. People in the industry pointed out that the quality of China's dairy industry has been constantly improved, the standardized large-scale breeding of dairy cows has been accelerated, the per unit yield level of dairy cows has been steadily improved, the quality and safety of fresh milk has been further guaranteed, and the modern dairy industry pattern has taken shape initially.

At present, the mechanization level of domestic dairy farming industry has been greatly improved, especially in milking, milk storage and other key links. In the traditional extensive dairy farming process, farmers usually milk the cows by hand after simple disinfection. Strictly speaking, there is no safety guarantee in this process, which is easy to cause product pollution and low efficiency. Nowadays, with the development of milking equipment, the mechanization degree of milking process has been greatly improved.

Milking machine

At present, the milking equipment in the market can be divided into rotary milking machine, middle swing arm milking machine and parallel milking machine. Among them, the rotary milking machine has a good prospect in production. A domestic enterprise introduced six sets of 80 milking rotary table, can milk 480 cows at the same time, the production scale is large, through the computer system for automatic control, with automatic cup, automatic cleaning and other functions.

After milking, the milk needs to be preserved. For dairy farming enterprises, keeping raw milk fresh is a very big challenge. As we have learned, now some enterprises in milking equipment and storage equipment between the installation of pipelines, directly will just milk into the milk storage equipment. And, to extend the shelf life, they need to be stored in cold storage. Today, with the development of refrigerated storage technology, raw milk provides a more stable low-temperature environment, extending the freshness period.

It is worth noting that, compared with developed countries in dairy industry, there is a big gap in maturity and industrial competitiveness of dairy farming industry in China. Although China's dairy farming industry has been improved from the aspects of scale, mechanization, intelligence and other industrial hard equipment, the application of advanced breeding technology, breeding talent, breeding management standardization and other soft power still need to be improved. So the government needs to support the development of milking equipment manufacturer.


To this, the domestic dairy enterprises should combine the actual needs of farming, from aspects of establishing standardized operation process of pasture planning operation, through the formulation optimization, evaluation, scientific milking, low temperature storage of and upgrades, to build domestic dairy industry and the cow milking equipment industry core competitiveness, achieve win-win industrial chain, to narrow the gap with developed countries, the protection of domestic dairy and milking equipment normal and orderly development.

In the National Dairy Industry Development Plan (2016-2020), it was proposed to achieve the goal of 70% milk source self-sufficiency. In addition, the government has announced a target of increasing the country's annual milk production to 45 million tons by 2025 through a major development of milking equipment, an increase of more than 40 percent from 2019. This is a huge challenge for the domestic dairy farming industry. Relevant enterprises should optimize the feed, technology and breeding mode, introduce rotary milking machine and cold storage milking supporting equipment, and improve the large-scale production capacity and product quality of raw milk.

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