Milking equipment milking procedures

by:Desing      2020-04-03
You may normally seen milking equipment, milk have many friends but not clear the relevant procedures, then introduce everyone to use milking equipment milking procedures. After 1, ready for the milk, the nipple cup in a minute. Each nipple cups must be installed in the form of sliding and should try to reduce the air into the nipple cup. 2, check the goats velocity, milking equipment should be adjusted when necessary. 3, check each nipple milk flow. Adjust the position of the milking equipment. Only milking equipment properly adjust the milk can be quickly and completely, adjust the milking machine in the most appropriate position. 4, should avoid to do the milking equipment abnormal noise. Air into the nipple cups of milk can cause tiny drops back to nipple pool at a high speed. 5, the end of the milking should first turn off the vacuum pump, then unload the nipple cup. 6, with safe and effective disinfectant soaking or spraying disinfection nipple. As milking equipment to the survival of today's society, only to learn how to use it, to smooth out the milk, if you want to know how to milk a milking equipment works, the foregoing article carefully to understand it.
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