Milking equipment oil technique

by:Desing      2020-04-09
With the increase of demand for milk in people daily life and the progress of agriculture, makes dairy expanded use of milking equipment, in the use of milking equipment, oil technique is an important environment, master the skills is also the guarantee to the health of dairy cows, small make up then simple said: 1, the use of internal oil should check before milking equipment, oil amount to 2/5 of the diameter is advisable. 2, check the milking equipment wiring can correctly. Must pay attention to is: milking equipment factory for oil free state. Smooth work 300 hours after a change in oil for the first time, every 5000 hours after an oil change and stop at a time, maintenance. 3, startup must no-load startup. Regularly check the oil level, according to sealing condition adjustment or change oil seal oil seal spring. Milk to guarantee the safe operation of equipment, not only good to control the oil skills, should also consider the maintenance problems, to prevent damaged milking equipment for other reasons, the formation of the loss.
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