Milking machine accessories

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Milking machine accessories is made of the different systems, the necessary for regular inspections of milking machine accessories, can strengthen the function of products, improve product performance and prevent the occurrence of late failure in use process. 1, set milk clean air inlet. If set milk into the pores clogging and set breast milk will not be able to get rid of. This can lead to cup, and damage the breast. 2, rubber parts, air leakage. Milking machine accessories of rubber parts have any wear and tear or leakage should be replaced. 3, vacuum regulator is deflated. Vacuum regulator should have obvious deflated, such as no vacuum storage volume is not enough. If you have this kind of circumstance should call professional engineers. 4, vacuum pump oil. Vacuum pump oil should be always keep within the scope of the requirements. 5, vacuum gauge readings. Set of cups before and after the sets of cups, vacuum gauge reading should be the same. Gather the cup set of vacuum will drop slightly, but 5 seconds should be up to in situ. 6, milk cup lining or cup without water. Milk cup between lining and cup if you have water or milk, and that is lined with a damaged, should be replaced. Milking machine accessories in long-term operation, need to be regular maintenance and inspection, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, so to understand the above content of this paper, at the time of inspection is relative to save time.
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