Milking machine accessories crushing overseas holding

by:Desing      2020-04-04
Mechanical technology co. , LTD. To provide effective milking machine accessories is the most authoritative opinions, more relevant, please visit the website for milking machine accessories related topics, understand the milking machine accessories crushing overseas holding, contact:. Reading from a macro point of view, competition to promote the rapid development of the enterprises, regional, and national, accelerated the process of economic globalization. From the microcosmic point of view, competition pattern determines the function and role of competition. To goods, capital, talent, technology, management and information and so on six big elements on a global scale to speed up the circulation as the main index of economic globalization, effectively promote the global market competition and cooperation with the profound change of the competitive landscape. Change the main trend is: 1 single competition between enterprises and enterprises have turned to the supply chain and supply chain, or competition between alliance and the alliance. Competition focus is on how to improve the innovation ability of supply chain and core competitiveness, how to business cooperation, mutual trust and win-win mechanism, realize the implementation of the business model, and how to establish a supply chain management system based on information network platform, so as to realize the optimal allocation of global resources, realizing the maximization of profit and value. 2. By the early 20th century 'the big fish eat small fish eat shrimp' competition has turned to 'big fish eat the fish, the fish eat fish' competition in the 21st century. Competition is a form of mergers and acquisitions, the result of competition is to rapidly improve the industrial concentration of these companies and international market competitiveness, and then rapidly changing global market competition and cooperation pattern. For example: the French by qi Noel steel companies through the merger of the globalization, formation of annual production capacity of 46 million tons of steel ( About four of the world's steel production. 7%) Is the world's largest, arcelor steel company at more than Japan's Nippon steel corporation and South Korea's posco firm. 3 by the production capacity of competition has transferred to the production capacity is multiplied by the flow capacity of competition. Is the core research, how to improve the corporate business development strategy, the human capital, the enterprise mergers and acquisitions, product development, marketing, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning (erp) and information construction, etc. Otherwise, the production capacity of an enterprise again, more products, this is not possible to quickly make these products into the circulation field, into the hands of consumers, into the hands of consumers. 4 in the capital investment competition has turned to the competition of human capital. The competition between enterprises and enterprises, supply chain and supply chain competition, even countries and national competition is the need for monetary capital investment, but in the end, the monetary capital is that people create wisdom acquired. Therefore, the concept of human capital is gradually recognized by the social various aspects, and the changing structure of the capital market. Need to explain is that human capital should be truly create value for the enterprise management personnel and technical personnel. 5 by domestic, local and incomplete competition has turned to international, all-around competition. Can walk out of the country, to the world, the international circulation, with world-class enterprise competition. This is the direction of the top fortune 500 companies, including China, the enterprises all over the world, is also vital to the measure of the enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, in order to adapt to the trend of competition, the enterprise must actively promote the globalization strategy, and implementation of a wider range of merger, acquisition and reorganization, optimize the allocation of resources, strengthen. A total of 2 pages: the next page on page 12 of this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/17。 aspx
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