Milking machine accessories failure reasons

by:Desing      2020-04-08
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine accessories reason of the failure of today in the dairy industry in order to increase the consumption of milk, all beginning gradually use milking machine to stop working, but milking machine is also relying on milking machine accessories to stop working, it can help the effective drive the milking machine stops working, so if the parts were wrong, will cause the entire device can't use, the onset of demand in attack problems when we wipe out the cause of the problem to stop treatment, the present problem is what reason? Within the pail, milking machine accessories without vacuum tube vacuum degree, but can't do the milking. Attack this kind of phenomenon the reason is ordinary barrel unclean, the formation of single valve adhesion were present, to cope with the milk bucket and the parts to stop cleaning at this time. , pulsating device does not work. Why there may be four aspects, one is the vacuum tube switch didn't open, the second is pulse frequency adjustment screw to the bottom, three is tilted pulsator cover, four is the pulsator vent infarction. Vacuum can not meet the request of, milking machine accessories. Reason may be a vacuum tank seal leak, check way is coated with colored water on the seal, see any color inside the tank. If yes, indicate the seal needs to change; If no, could be stabilizer is loose, but opened the stabilizer on the cover, see vacuum gauge reading while rotating voltage regulator of copper set, until a pointer refers to within the normal range, then put the lock nut and tighten. Due to the milking machine main job is to rely on milking machine accessories drive running, so when the device presents the problem of time, can from the above several reasons to stop cleaning, find the reason and effective processing, make the equipment can work normally, in fact, when we know the parts after the cause of the problem, in their daily use of our time will demand more pay attention to the problems above, and thus reduce accessories attack problem.
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