Milking machine accessories have big effect

by:Desing      2020-04-15
As people living standard rise, milk has become the necessities of our lives, to ensure that aseptic milk, milk will need to use the equipment, and to ensure better use milking equipment, you need all the matching of the milking machine accessories: 1, when it set on the nipple, internal form two separate Chambers, under the nipple to nipple, little room for the wall between the two compartments. 2, Suckling rhythm, nipple room between wall and room are in a vacuum, papillary muscle relaxation, inside the breasts and nipples chamber under the action of pressure difference sucked out milk. 3, the massage rhythm, still dark vacuum nipple chamber, the wall between the room into the air, milking equipment rubber inner sleeve under the action of pressure difference of the extruding nipples and massage, make a breast muscle contraction, milk stopped flowing. 4, milking equipment break beats, nipple room between wall and room into the air, rubber sets of internal and external pressure in the equal, can make the nipple to rest, to restore the blood circulation, reduce the incidence of breast. Milking equipment in the production of animal husbandry, occupies the indelible role, if you will hold fully the role of the milking machine accessories, not only can play its function in the work, still can greatly protect the milk.
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