Milking machine accessories include voltage separation tank and milk output system

by:Desing      2020-03-17
Milking machine accessories half drunk a lot, refers to the parts constitute the milking machine. In order to better understand milking machine accessories, we can bring you the separating tank of the milking machine accessories, vacuum pressure regulator, milk output system of knowledge. A voltage regulator, milking machine accessories separating tank is stable vacuum degree of vacuum system, when there is liquid into the vacuum system failure, equipment can be automatically closed vacuum line, prevent cold shock and damage of the vacuum pump, outage time should automatically remove debris inside the tank. Second, the vacuum pressure regulator is milking machine accessories used to adjust and maintain the vacuum degree of vacuum system, vertical installed upstream of the vacuum tube to the voltage regulator separator. Three, milking machine accessories, milk output system consists of liquid level sensor, electric cabinet, breast pump, check valve and milk tube, etc. System function is when the milk tank liquid level to set the height of liquid level sensor pump circuit automatically when milk, milk pump through the pipe into the cold storage tank, the milk when drawdown to another setting height, breast pump stop working, and in milking and cleaning operations, breast pump is in the intermittent work status, the role of the breast pump outlet non-return valve is to prevent the backflow of the liquid. Above for you about the voltage separation tank, vacuum pressure regulator is milking machine accessories, milk output system mainly includes several parts. Understand the product knowledge is helpful for later use, hope to help you.
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