Milking machine accessories knowledge of voltage regulator valve

by:Desing      2020-03-22
Milking machine accessories voltage regulator valve is mainly used to regulate the flow of medium, the pressure is reduced, increasing the use of stability. Milking machine accessories main regulator valve by adjusting spring, diaphragm, piston, valve seat, disc and other parts. Using the diaphragm sensor downstream pressure directly driven disc, complete decompression voltage stabilizing function of the opening of the valve disc. Main body adopts the whole passage, once-through, streamlined design, and USES the diaphragm or piston type two kinds of structure. Using the set pressure regulating valve spring pressure and adjust the needle valve opening set outlet pressure, and by taking over the system and the control room of the feedback effect to stable outlet pressure. Milking machine accessories voltage regulator valve can keep the valve after pressure within a certain range, under the condition of the inlet pressure changing, keep exports within the scope of the set pressure.
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