Milking machine accessories milk bottle of measurement scale test

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Measuring bottle of milk is a commonly used milking machine parts, and it is an important indicator of measuring the milk quantity, if the scale is not allowed, can cause a certain error, so want to learn the scale for measuring bottle detection. Detection of milking machine accessories milk bottle scale is accurate of measurement method is very simple, add 100 ml of water in the cup, and then measuring the water pour milk in the bottle, look at how much bottles scale differ with calibration of measuring cup, scale is accurate. If not accurate? That simple, measuring cup 100 ml of water in the milk bottle of 110 ml, shown as measurement later water automatically measuring the milk bottle scale minus 10 ml; If the display is 90 ml, it automatically add 10 ml. By analogy, measuring bottle milk scale. If the milk bottle are a far cry from what calibration and the actual size of measurement, will directly affect the user's judgement, recommend replacing. When milking machine accessories milk measuring bottle of choose and buy, of course, you should do to behave under test, in order to avoid trouble in use.
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