Milking machine accessories - Milk liner localization way to go

by:Desing      2020-04-03
With the introduction of mechanical milking equipment, including domestic success of milking machine production, its consumables steel lining ( Milk line) , has relied on foreign imports, period, many domestic enterprises has been developed, and eventually to use the strength is not up to standard, or materials do not conform to the food contact, not form a scale of production and sales. At present, the national dairy farms generally in the use of imported rubber lining. Our country is a milk power, under the impetus of the relevant national policies, Including the farm machinery subsidy) , is gradually expand the dairy farming. According to rough statistics, according to the effective service life of the milk imported rubber lining, China's current annual consumption should not do the following, such a huge market, all rely on imports, particularly in the current severe international financial crisis situation, all countries in the world, to expand domestic demand, if they give up the market demand, that's what a shame! As milking machine at the early stage of our country promote the use, milking machine steel cup depend on foreign countries, not only expensive, than imported products. The current domestic large department pasture milk with rubber lining, however the rubber lining in the process of production need to add the milk vulcanizing agent, inhibitor and other chemical raw materials, to a certain extent affect the quality of the milk. According to the international homogenous material substitution of law, the silicone material to its contact with the food the permission of the state, as well as the good biocompatible quality, and the use of synthetic rubber in the same performance, decided to use the silicone material production line of milk. However, every new product into the market at the same time, must be approved by the masses of users, the key is needs to domestic milking machine producers, as well as the support of the national dairy farms, this support need to cooperate, give tolerance, kindly help. On the birth of new products, as a new life, need through inoculation and the chance of survival. I plant specializing in the production of various kinds of milking machine accessories, high quality and low price, welcome to! ! !
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