Milking machine accessories milk measuring bottle disinfection cleaning method

by:Desing      2020-03-15
Measuring bottle of milk is one of the milking machine accessories, but we in the process of daily use it will have some matters need to pay attention to, such as cleaning, disinfection, and so on. The following introduction of milking machine accessories for everyone disinfection cleaning method of measurement of milk bottle, hope can help you! 1, the amount of milk bottle immediately after special brush, thoroughly clean every part, and then rinse with water. Bottle mouth should not only use special brush to brush the washing outside, also want serious scrub; 2, the sterilization pot filled with water, put in measuring bottle, bottle clamp, a spark, in boiling water for 5 - 6 minutes. With the digester need boiling for 10 minutes; 3, even if the amount of milk soon, no matter a pot or a cooker, disinfection use should be on the plate with a wiping cloth. Measuring bottle of milk as a kind of milking machine accessories, has the characteristics of intuitive, accurate, small error, single or double scale display function, and under the condition of the temperature difference of climate, work performance is good. Do a good job, its disinfection in the later use to ensure that the quality of the milk. Measurement for milking machine accessories milk bottle disinfection cleaning method is introduced to this, if you want to know more information, please feel free to focus on our website.
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