Milking machine accessories rotate to common sense

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Milking machine accessories to can use the gear to be arbitrary fixed rotational speed, also can achieve the purpose of stepless speed regulation through electronic governor, including its main common sense is mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1, the direction of rotation is milking machine accessories according to stand for what to decide, in the face of inlet, on the right side of the feeding port, the watch should be clockwise. 2, the product and the distance from a sieve is not fixed, can root out to adjust the thickness of the material, the larger the distance discharging the coarse, whereas discharging is fine. 3, different types of accessories handedness is slightly different, jaw crusher milking machine accessories, such as the direction of rotation is standing in the inlet, moving jaw from the top down. Counterattack broken hammer head is the rotation direction of the rotation of the direction toward the back plate. Users in selecting milking machine accessories, often because of monomer accessories high speed or torque is too small and can't meet their need, so, at this time, if we can improve the handedness of milking machine accessories, can make up for the shortcomings, such ability can let you benefit is increased.
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