Milking machine break

by:Desing      2020-03-24
In our life some equipment to use after a period of time will appear a few small problem, of course, the milking machine is not exceptional also, such as short circuit equipment; so what we should do, let me introduce for you. 1. To break point in the slot, belong to a small number of breakpoints do emergency processing, the grouping elimination method is adopted to find the breakpoint, and broken in winding connection and the insulation used after qualified. 2. Broken cage can be used on the cage rotor welding, cold connection or change the original repair. 3. Such as milking machine accessories break in the end, good connection after welded, set of insulating tube, with insulation material and good binding, dry again. 4. Winding for turn-to-turn and interphase short circuit and grounding caused severe charred generally should change new windings. Above is my today to explain the main content of the for you, if the milking machine is in use process, the use of long time lead to equipment line appears short circuit, can be handled according to the above I say, want to be able to help you.
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