Milking machine breakdown opportunely

by:Desing      2020-04-08
With the improvement of urban sanitary requirements for milk rural dairy for the use of small milking machine is expanding. Zibo gold wo technology will now be small milking machine common failures and troubleshooting is introduced as follows: 1, the vacuum degree can not meet the requirements. Reason may be that the vacuum tank seal leak test method is to use colored color observation on seal for water seeping into the tank. If you have any show seal need to be replaced; Without may be loose stabilizer can open the regulator cover observation vacuum gauge readings while rotating voltage regulator of copper set until pointer refers to within the normal range and then lock nut and tighten. 2, milk bucket without vacuum tube in vacuum but can't do the milking. The cause of this in general is not clean bucket cover single valve caused by adhesion were present in milk and various parts for cleaning at this time. 3, pulsating device does not work. Reason may have four aspects: one is the vacuum tube switch didn't open the second is pulse frequency adjustment screw into the bottom three is skewed four is pulsator pulsator cover the vent plug.
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