Milking machine filtering model

by:Desing      2020-04-03
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine filtering mode of milk from the animal body after extrusion, not can be directly drinkable, needs to use milking machine stop filtering, filtering way about this equipment, you understand a few, to lunch you apply, so the following article, for everyone, including equipment is divided into the following filter in the form, recoil when arrived at a certain differential pressure or time, milking machine automatically enter the backwashing status, changes in the direction of flow control valve, recoil pressure make spring to tighten the lamination is released, is located in the nozzle on the filter pillar along the tangent radiotherapy, spin, laminated to intercept on laminated flush out impurities. Milking machine, filter form in the condition of filter, milk from outside of the filter after lamination, filtering laminated in under the action of spring force and the hydraulic pressure in together tightly, impurity particles trapped in laminated penetration point, filtered water outflow from the filter. After we understand the filter types, and the growth of learning? After milking machine to filter the milk to the impurities in addition to milk, and high nutritional value, strict demand note is card processing technology of this filter types, hope this paper the contents of the explanation has to all of you to help.
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