Milking machine for fuel

by:Desing      2020-04-08
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine how many users in the use of energy saving of milking machine when the branch to make a series of oil-saving measures, this is because with the increase of demand for milk, this machine has the quantity also corresponding increase, in order to reduce the consumption capital, used to invent more economic benefits, so the user take a wrist to save oil, gradually reduce the cost of oil. So, what are the machine oil-saving measures? , doing well the preparation work of homework before milking machine work well preparation, can effectively reduce the empty lines and a machine the machine idle, progress time utility ratio, reduce the fuel cost. , reasonable use milking machine the machine starting, driving, parking, remove from heat and driving in the operations, such as, speed, braking, fuel supply, fuel consumption has a direct relationship with. To start the installation in good condition, parking for long, should be shut down. Choose appropriate gear and accelerator operation, light load applied high quality small throttle. Real test proved that under the same conditions, the water temperature is 0 ~ 0 ℃ of fuel, at least when the temperature 0 ℃ fuel consumption increase % ~ %, water temperature 0 ℃ fuel consumption increase % through high oil temperature, oil aging disintegration, shorten the using period. Want to change the stall in the driving before the bad habit of fierce detonation throttle, fierce detonation throttle, a machine on fire is bad, add parts wear and fuel consumption. In addition, in the field when they turn to throttle back. , adhere to the milking machine technology status in good technical status and fuel consumption of the machine and tools are very close relationship. Lack of tightening force, if a machine cylinder nozzle spray, fuel supply advance Angle is wrong, air filter infarction and smooth, increase fuel consumption. The rules ~ early degrees such as fuel injection Angle, fuel consumption will increase. % ~ %, milking machine transmission installation clutch, gearbox, the central drive and gear reducer of gears, bearings, bad cooperation smooth and transmission efficiency is reduced, the power of a machine a large number of losses in the transmission, fuel consumption increase. Walking installation technology condition is not good, has a very big influence on fuel consumption. If tire pressure is rules 0% lower, fuel consumption will increase by about 0%. These three kinds of fuel-efficient way can be used as reference for everybody, detailed oil-saving measures according to the practice situation to resolution, will not be able to consciously use the fuel-efficient way to know, or counterproductive. And, of course, we work in common use milking machine at good be sure to check the machine can present problems, once found the condition of severe wear of some parts appear serious aging, immediately stop to change, to avoid the use of present unexpected accident.
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