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Milking machine helps improve the quality and efficiency of farm management

Milking machine helps improve the quality and efficiency of farm management


Milking machine

Chunying modern dairy farm, the daily output of 30 tons. The pasture not only has high fresh milk output but also good quality, which is welcomed by large dairy enterprises. It greatly enhances the confidence of surrounding farmers in developing the cattle industry, provides a typical demonstration for dairy farming factories in surrounding areas of Litong District, and promotes the development of dairy farming in the whole region.

Application of Desing Milking Machine in the farm

So how did the farm modernize? Desing Livestock Equipment Factory: Here's the secret.

The most significant characteristic of a modern pasture is automation, digitization and intelligentization, and a durable, stable, efficient and high performance milking equipment is the foundation of all these.

The milking machine applied in the farm is the exclusive introduction of Desing milking machine.


The milking machine is exclusively manufactured by Desing cow equipment factory. It is a milking machine made by combining farm production and related animal welfare law, integrating science and technology, with the world's leading production technology. 

Desing milking equipment fully considers the safety of operators and animals, and applies the most natural milking principle to realize "whole-course bionic" milking, which can shorten the average individual milking time by 1 minute and increase the milk yield by 5%. Extremely low slide rate and low rest phase (D phase) vacuum, which also maximizes breast health protection; Modular design for faster milking equipment installation; Durable milking equipment is efficient.

Milking equipment seamlessly integrates multiple technologies into one

1. Milking equipment lifting platform: Reduce labor intensity, reduce illegal operation, and make milking work more comfortable;

2. Milking Equipment entry brake: quick and orderly guidance, good for cows to learn and reduce parking;

3. Milking equipment recognition: > recognition rate of 99%, and 100% accuracy;

4. Human-computer interaction: rich quick function instructions, wet hand and glove modes;

5. Milking Equipment opens vacuum: no buttons, no lifting of the cup, pull the positioning arm directly to cover the cup;

6. Milking equipment weigher: Weigh each drop of milk to within 1.5%;

7. Milking equipment feeding system: Improved milking efficiency, health and milk indicators;

8. Milking Equipment Auxiliary system: Realize man-machine interaction in the whole milking process;

9. Cup backwash system: reduce the spread of mastitis, reduce somatic cells and improve the quality of milk;

10. Export incentive system: Milking equipment recognizes milking status and encourages cows to quit;

Perfect Milking Equipment after-sales service system

1. Regular testing of milking equipment: pulse test, ISO6690 test

2. Dynamic test: including the pressure at the end of the nipple, the pressure in the milk-lining lip cavity, and the dynamic pulsation during milking

3. Microbiological test: Microbiological test at all key points of the milking system

4. Cleaning detection: Monitoring and analyzing the cleaning process, water temperature, cleaning agent concentration, surge velocity, etc., to improve the cleaning effect

5. Milking management: The milking management was evaluated through tracking the milking process and data analysis

6. Mastitis management: provide mastitis solutions according to multiple equipment physical examination, milking procedures, environmental assessment

7. Animal welfare and animal health: include all aspects of comfort, feeding management, breeding management, veterinary management and pasture management

8. Training services: including milking operation training, advanced health and breeding training, software training and supervision services.

Welcome to contact Desing livestock equipment factory and order Desing milking equipment.

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