Milking machine milking operating standards

by:Desing      2020-04-09
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine milking the operating standards of many people who think that the operation of the milking machine is very easy, is placed beside the cows, the machine according to illustrate a book to guide operating machinery. In fact is not, in using the machine milking time should be a lot of preparation work, or it will form a milking process is unreasonable, so that the machine will be on cow formed certain harm. So, then we can say when the machine milking branch executive operation specification. Milk, preparation, ) Milking part wear work clothes, hats, wash your hands; Always trim the cow breast long hairs; Gently will lie down cattle, after waiting for cattle stand, with dung shovel immediately eliminate cattle after bed/mat grass and feces; Often brushs mop of the hindquarters, prevent dirt adhesion in cattle, crushed grass and other debris falls to the milk; Ready to clean milk bucket, containing disinfectant warm breasts and nipples scrub bucket and a towel or disposable tissues; Using special disinfection wet towel to wipe the nipples and breast. Every time after washing disinfectant disinfection towel ( Each cow a towel) And twist dry reoccupy after; After massage breast appearance, with both hands to breast ministries, shrink breast, skin appearance vascular engorgement, reddish, skin temperature is high, this is breast milk, should be immediately milking; Milk milk inspection before head three squeezed milk into the cup of milk check watch have milk without exception. If so, should be collected in the container, specially not ladle into milk, nor in cow bed at random. ( ) The milk is in special milk check cup, have examined the milk without exception. ( ) With nipple disinfectant to stop dipping disinfection, with disinfection after 0 seconds to disinfectant towel or paper towel. ( ) To start the milking machine unit, check the vacuum pump running state, voltage regulator can intake, vacuum degree can be normal, normal should be 0 kpa - Between kpa, the system can leak and make sure no abnormal condition, regulate the pulsator pulsation frequency, formulate book stop should be in accordance with the product. Milk, operations, ) Prepared milk cup group, after beginning of cup, cup set using the 'S' shape set of cup method. ( ) Set good cup after adjust the location of the milk cup group, milking the beginning, in the process of milking, should retest pulse frequency can be stable when it is necessary to regulate. ( ) According to different conditions on the milk cup group stopped manually to take off the cup, not too much milk. Don't forget there is a very important link, is when milking machine to complete the work must be on the cow nipple disinfection, disinfection process must be severely abide by the relevant specification to operate, otherwise once the disinfection is not complete, is some kind of bacteria, can develop a bad influence on the formation of cows ankang. Initiative user in ready to use the machine before, relevant content or want to more understand some, formulate prevention measures to ensure that deal with some problem from the source.
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