Milking machine operation process

by:Desing      2020-04-05
While using milking machine work can greatly improve the work efficiency can also improve the cleaning degree of the milk, but in the use of milking machine should also pay attention to the following points, only in strict accordance with the specification requirements for operation to reach the final goal of milking machine: we use milk (1), the milking machine cleaning and disinfection, earnestly to ensure the quality of milk to meet health requirements. At the same time, should observe the appearance whether there is red, hot and touch breast pain and trauma, and then bring the every first put the milk in the breast area in the sides of the cup, check whether there is milk clots, flocculent and water samples, so that can timely find clinical mastitis, prevent mastitis milk mixed in the normal milk. (2) milking should be relatively stable, gentle in attitude to cattle at the same time, absolutely can't play, so as not to get into the vice of cattle. (3) the milking machine milk mouth rubber should have enough elastic and suitable size, to adapt to the different size of nipple use cows. (4) dairy cow milking machine should not have any harmful stimulation, lest affect health and normal breast milk cow breast.
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