Milking machine pulsator common fault analysis

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Pulsator is one of the main parts of the milking machine, the equipment efficiency plays an important role, in the event of failure will affect the normal use, so let's do the simple analysis of common malfunction. 1, pulsating device does not work, mainly for valve stop reciprocating motion, no pulsation pressure output. This kind of failure is common in cold winter. Especially in the winter season, often below 0 C using the environment temperature, due to the environmental temperature is too low, the slider was frozen on the slide, cause no pulse. In addition, under the condition of low temperature, rubber diaphragm harden or cracks is also the important reasons for not working. Method: after milking machine use should be placed more than 4 ° C ~ 5 ° C, can also be pulsator break down in a warm place, when used to mount; To base a flashboard pulsator did not put in place during the installation, or leakage caused by vibration while sliding out at work, also can appear not fluctuating phenomenon, can be installed. Pulsator water, especially the pail milking machine, pulsator generally in a barrel cover, users in the milking machine cleaning, will sometimes barrel doused in the water it is easy to cause the pulsator into the water. When the air chamber or throttling hole filled with water, pulsator can produce no pulsation phenomenon. Troubleshooting methods: apart after removal of water. 2, abnormal pulse frequency of milking machine factory pulse apparatus in the operating instructions are specified by the pulse frequency range. Keep the pulsation frequency within the prescribed scope, is the necessary condition to ensure the normal work of the milking machine. Improper throttle adjustment is gas damping pulsator main cause of the change of the frequency. The throttle aperture too big to pulse frequency; Too young to slow pulse frequency, screw, as long as the appropriate regulation orifice ripple can be adjust to the requirements of the scope. Ventilation type pulsator is generally not set screw, the size of the orifice is fixed. Impurities clogging orifice in use is one of the main reasons lead to pulse frequency changes. If it is found that slow pulse frequency, to dredge orifice with specialized tools in time, but when the dredge orifice to prevent the expansion of orifice, otherwise will lead to the pulse frequency quickens. Indoor air inlet, air chamber volume smaller, also can make pulsating frequency quickens, should keep clear of in time water. Also can make pulsating vacuum degree of work change pulsation frequency change. Fall, vacuum degree, the frequency of the gas damping type pulsator slower, but the frequency of the ventilation type pulsator relatively faster. On the contrary, when the vacuum up gas damping type pulse frequency will be faster, slower and ventilation type of pulsating frequency. Therefore, when adjusting the frequency of the pulsator, must be in normal work under vacuum, otherwise the result of the adjustment will happen deviation. With a socket pulsator if socket is not in place, can cause a small amount of air leakage, and slow down the pulsation frequency. If the gas leak is serious, not fluctuating phenomenon will appear. Pulsator failure will not only affect the normal operation of the milking machine, is likely to affect milk quality to some extent, so once found abnormal, should be timely check, troubleshooting.
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