Milking machine pulsator knowledge of two kinds of thermal calculation method

by:Desing      2020-03-18
Milking vendors would then to talk about two of the pulsation of the milking machine thermodynamic calculation method of business accounting according to the basic principle of the same, but on the accounting method or process there is a big different. Let's look at the. 1, checking accounts: in contrast to the planning of accounting, milking machine pulsator placed area and port is known, and cold and hot fluid flow and temperature are known value of imports and exports, demand of accounting in the channel and resettlement plan, fluid outlet temperature can reach the booking policy and the pressure drop is satisfied demand value. 2, planning, accounting, usually on both sides of fluid flow and the temperature at the inlet and outlet of the four wild three had given, a demand for accounting in the constraint satisfaction will be pressure under the condition of heat transfer area and useful process, channel, permutation and combination method. Milking machine of pulsating with planning first accounting and channel placement algorithm and the heat transfer area, reuse checking calculation program for approval this area of the heat transfer and resettlement is over booking mission.
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