Milking machine specification operation

by:Desing      2020-03-22
Milking machine used in production is to improve milk quality and work efficiency, reduce labor intensity of the key. Whether you when use normative operation? We can from the following several aspects to introduce the specific operation steps. 1, clean the milking machine. With 40 ℃ hot water washing before milking milking machine for 5 minutes, rinse clean the pipe, at the same time check whether system normal operation. 2, the cow baoding. Make a slipknot with rope trapping double Angle, and then around the cow's head front set a slipknot, chained his cattle on the railing, fixed well. 3, massage a breast. In the first three to crowd out milk and cleaning after breast, nipples and breast not full, tight, that have not yet fully formed reflex, it must continue to massage the breast, until the row of reflex fully formed. 4, after the row of breast reflection form, as soon as possible on the milk cup milk, milk cup set sequence is: milk area on the other side of the left hand began to set in turn clockwise cup, so convenient and safe. Each milk cup must be set in the form of sliding, and should try to reduce the Angle of air into the milk cup. 5, check the milk flow, such as a breast area when not in milk, should stimulate the secretion of milk cup, to stimulate the milk area to milk on again, and began to do the milking. 6, right off the milk cup. After milking, should first turn off the vacuum valve, then remove milk cup, avoid to use milking machine to squeeze dry milk, thereby increasing stress of the breast tissue and air into the milk cup, increasing the likelihood of mastitis happened. More concretely introduces the milking crowded of six operating points, hope everyone can skilled operation. Our equipment application, convenient and reliable, any questions feel free to ask us, we have professional operator for your presentation.
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