Milking machine spray paint in shrinking the cause and the solution

by:Desing      2020-04-05
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine spray paint when shrinking the cause and the solution of the milking machine production and processing including painting, for milking machine spray paint. In the process of spray paint or paint film in the process of drying, paint appearance wrinkles or contraction deformation, a phenomenon we shrivel. To prevent equipment painting this kind of problem, first to make analysis on reason. A, cause improper drying method results in uneven milking machine paint dry. If just spray paint layer for drying or forcibly drying too quickly, or paint shop temperature is too high, it will cause shrinkage, it will delay the drying speed of the inner layer of paint. When the inner paint dry, paint a contraction phenomenon will make milking machine appearance. Equipment paint layer is too thick or too wet, paint can't will make the lining and outer layer of paint release of solvent and dry at the same rate, surface deformation will occur and wrinkles. Should adopt the method of multiple spraying, in order to reduce the one-time spraying paint layer thickness. Used the wrong thinner or incompatible materials. Use quick dry thinners or use volatile in enamel paint thinner will cause shrinkage. Use rapid drying thinner required in accordance with the provisions, the high temperature season should reduce the dosage of the fast dry thinners. Second, the correction method of milking machine paint after fully dry, eliminate shrinkage paint, new paint. There are a lot of attention if these considerations cannot achieve the equipment problems is to prevent the appearance of by professional manufacturer on this knowledge, so I hope you well under control, so that will be a very good solution to solve the equipment malfunction.
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