Milking parlour milking process operation procedures

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Milking parlour uniform & other; Two baths, paper towel dry brush & throughout; The milking process, the process is as follows: 1. Clean check: before milking observation or touch breast appearance whether there is red, swollen, hot, pain symptoms, or trauma. 2. Squeeze head several milk: the head a few milk into dedicated container, check the milk to see if there is a clot, floc or watery, normal milk cow milk before computer; Abnormal, timely report and veterinary treatment, milked separately, it is forbidden to mixed with normal milk. 3. Nipple early medicated bath: edging out after the first few milk on the nipple to pre dipping, choose special nipple medicated bath, liquid duration should be kept in ( 20 - 30) Seconds. ( Note: breast special dirty can wash clean with warm water containing disinfectant, first dipping nipples again) 4. Dry nipples: use a disposable paper towel dry the nipple and base after medicated bath, require at least a piece of each head of cattle. 5. After the milk computer: the above work, timely on milk cup group ( Sets of cup to avoid in the process of air into the cup in the group) , time starts within 1 minute nipple stimulation. Observed in the process of milking vacuum stability, milk cup group of milk flow situation, adjust the position of the milk cup group. Breasts are close to the end, close vacuum first, then remove milk cup group. It is forbidden to press milking machine, avoid excessive milking. 6. Medicated bath after milking: after milking, shall promptly carry out a nipple dipping, residence time is ( 3 - 5) Seconds. The other one. Milk milk fixed order, and bear in mind that member. 2. After milking cows stand for 1 hour. 3. Medicated bath liquid milk per shift before now with chef, and ensure the effective solution concentration. Medicated bath cup per class should be cleaned after operation. 4. Antimicrobial therapy of cattle, should separate with a milk cup group, each should be disinfected after being squeezed a cow, squeeze the milk placed in the container alone. 5. Colostrum milk can not be mixed with goods.
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