Milking procedure for milking equipment

by:Desing      2021-01-06

My family may have seen milking equipment, but many of my friends don’t know the relevant milking procedures. Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the milking procedures using the milking equipment.

1. After preparing for milking, install the nipple cup within one minute. Each nipple cup must be installed in a sliding manner and
2. Check the flow rate of goat milk, and adjust the milking equipment if necessary.
3. Check the milk flow rate of each nipple. Adjust the position of the milking equipment. Only when the milking equipment is properly adjusted can the milk be milked quickly and completely. Adjust the milking machine to the most appropriate position.
4. Abnormal noise from milking equipment should be avoided. Air entering the nipple cup can cause small milk droplets to flow back into the nipple pool at high speed.
5. When you finish milking, turn off the vacuum pump first, and then remove the nipple cup.

6. Soak or spray nipples with safe and effective disinfectant

How to use the milking machine correctly

The milking machine is the main operating equipment of the milk source farm, so in order to prevent the user from harming the cows when using it, the following Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co., Ltd. recommends that everyone understand the knowledge about the correct use of the equipment.

1. When milking, it is necessary to manually clean the nipples and massage the breasts to stimulate the lactation response of oxytocin. After these preparations are completed, start the automatic milking system. Although the nipple positioning technology is adopted, the operator still needs to manually milk Put the milking cup set on the nipple.

2. For two and three milkings, such artificial assistance may be required. After three milkings, the cows should be able to enter and start milking by themselves after starting the milking machine.

3. Minimizing the stress of cows caused by unfamiliar environment is very important. Whether it is training cows to adapt to milking machine equipment or making them accustomed to milking cups, they must be patient and careful.

During training, people will inevitably become tired or even grumpy, and will always transfer bad moods to the cows. Therefore, we can develop a training plan to gradually adapt the cows to the milking machine.

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