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by:Desing      2020-03-11
Now in order to improve the work efficiency of the milking cows milk farmers mostly adopts the milking machine to work, my company is specialized in the milk factory, the following is to introduce products for everyone: milking machine is the use of the effects of the suction vacuum unit, the simulation of the calf pumping action, suck out the milk. Milking machine structure includes a set of contact with the mother's milk to undertake breast device, a milk and set device set of a gas, and a pump. Use milking machine work can greatly improve the work efficiency can also improve the cleaning degree of the milk, but also should pay attention to when using milking machine operated in strict accordance with the specification requirements to achieve the goal that we use the milking machine. Milking machine has the following characteristics: first, low noise, simple structure, convenient operation, stable work, milking efficiency, alternating the milk. Equipped with pulsator, milking soft without hurting nipple, help to improve the cow milk production. Second, vacuum mobile for cow milking machine is designed according to the standard technical requirements, has a stable performance and large vacuum tank is effective, simple operation, etc. Above is milking the vendors would bring us a simple introduction, hope to be able to let you to have a preliminary knowledge and understanding, thank you for reading!
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