Milking vendors would account for milking machine with magnetic

by:Desing      2020-03-21
If milking machine in use process with a large number of magnetic, is undoubtedly will cause a lot of, manufacturers have been researched, the following conclusion: after we consult a large number of information and communication and related technical personnel after the new findings, cooling molding milking machine with magnetic because of austenitic stainless steel in the process of processing and shaping cooling structure has changed, part of the austenite to martensite, heart and body structure of the martensite stainless steel is a magnetic. Structure of austenitic stainless steel in theory there is no magnetic, but after austenitic stainless steel after cold working can produce magnetic. Reason is that in the process of machining when heated to a temperature of austenitic stainless steel transition temperature above and keep after a period of time, the stainless steel will be transformed into austenite, but then milking machine need cooling molding, in the process of rapid cooling, when cool austenite to martensite transformation temperature, its organization began to turn into martensite, until the temperature dropped to form martensite structure below the transition temperature stops changing. So the milking machine decided whether or not to bring a magnetic material from production, so want a choose and buy austenitizing of austenitic stainless steel, high content at the same time pay more attention on the production process, and avoid taking both magnetic phenomenon.
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