Milking vendors would cause for the milking machine smoke

by:Desing      2020-03-20
During the life of the milking machine due to various reasons lead to the emergence of various problems, smoke is one of them, how much do you know about the cause of it? The milking vendors would tell the whole journey for you. 1, milking machine into the wind is too hot, heat dissipation is difficult, take measures to cool. 2, cage rotor broken bars or wound rotor coil joint loose, maintenance network too much electricity and heat. Welding repair or replacement can be made of copper strip rotor, rotor of cast aluminum rotor should be replaced. 3, winding connection is wrong, mistaking star into a triangle, or mistaking triangle star, running under the rated load, can make dc motor overheating, check the correct. 4, the inside of the milking machine fan, upside or not installed, should be properly installed, should repair or replace damaged fan. 5, bearing damage or excessive wear, etc. , make the stator and rotor collision, can check if there's any loose for bearing, stator and rotor is bad assembly. Above is milking vendors would for you about the specific reason for the smoke, the fault is caused by a variety of reasons, when maintenance according to the specific reasons for specific analysis.
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