Milking vendors would in various forms of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-15
The cow milking machine equipment in accordance with the change of the milking equipment and relative location of cattle forms can be divided into current type and fixed type two kinds. The former will vacuum, pulsating, milking systems and devices are on the mobile car, driven by electric motor or gasoline engine, it is mainly used for rangeland or cow number few zap. Stationary pail of milking machine equipment, pipeline and milking, the former two forms for chuan cattle shed, the latter can arts gallery or single and rotating table. Bucket type vacuum milking machine, vacuum pipe fixed in the barn 2 meters high. Milking device and pulsating device and can move of milk, together. Milking, in turn, milking stools will be moved to the cow, squeeze the milk flow into the barrels. This form of efficiency is low, the milk in the bucket need to storage, milking device and barrel cleaning and disinfection are mostly USES the manual operation, laborious time-consuming. Pipeline milking machine pipe is milk, save transfer, empty pail over time, and help the health of fresh milk. Its efficiency is higher than the bucket type, each 3 - management 4 sets of milking machine, each person can squeeze 20 - per hour 35 dairy cows. Efforts to increase knowledge, nip in the bud, is our common requirements for yourself. Different milking machine can be used in different situations, hope this article will be helpful to you.
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