Milking vendors would introduce four kinds of common milking machine for you

by:Desing      2020-04-10
- - - - - - 0 - Milking vendors would introduce you to common kind of milking machine with the development of animal husbandry, the milking machine is the modern animal husbandry and the necessary equipment, at the same time to increase the people on the choice can be relatively simple, milking below vendors would for you about the common types of milking machine, pail milking machine barrel milking machine system is after milk cup group under vacuum extrusion and direct absorption into the milk milk bucket, each being squeezed a cow, the milk of the vacuum disconnect, pour the milk in collecting container, pail of vacuum is from the device in the computer room of the vacuum system, in the middle of the path of the vacuum tube for every two cows equipped with convenient vacuum valve, to milk and local cohesion and disconnect the vacuum, milking task smoothly. And move milking machine ( ) Milking machine units move type to match a set of milking machine, crowded one cow at a time, a man operation, crowded - about an hour Cows. ( ) Two position move type to match two sets of milking machine, milking machine, one can squeeze cows at the same time, a person, an hour about 0 Cows. Pipeline, pipeline milking machine about 00 cow milking machine device in greenhouses, right of large and medium-sized zap. Milk, milk directly into the device in the resistance of stainless steel main pipe in the ox tongue, direct flow to the cylinder, to ensure the health, quality and novelty of milk. Milking machine, milking machine hall hall type type is nowadays modern milking equipment, in the process of milking, at the same time for operators and cow easily warm milk, relatively good sanitation environment, to ensure the health and quality of milk, and also advances the work efficiency greatly, is the ideal equipment of large and medium-sized farms. Milking vendors would provide you introduced all kinds of milking machine above can improve the product technology content, the user can stop the different choices based on my needs. Hope the above content to be of assistance.
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