Milking vendors would simply extend the life of the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-17
Before using the milking machine milking, do the cleaning and disinfection of milking machine equipment, and to ensure the quality of milk to meet health requirements. At the same time, should observe the appearance whether there is red, hot and touch breast pain and trauma, then each breast area first put milk into take sides of cups, check whether there is a clot in the milk. Correct maintenance of milking machine and cows are favourable, we simply learn how to prolong the life of the cow milking machine. 1. Check set milk machine set milk device after cleaning, should check whether the rubber washer is in good condition, when assembling the holes of the walls open atmosphere. 2. Prevent damage of glass tube on the milk pot cover glass tube HeJinKong switch, to handle with care in the cleaning process, to avoid damage, after assembly shall not leak. 3. Cleaning, check the rubber in the rubber cover milk cup set should be cleaned down, but to prevent deformation due to water temperature is too high, at the same time, to check whether rubber set of intact don't leak, found a leak phenomenon, should be replaced immediately. 4. Clean up the parts every time after milking, should be timely cleaning milk after all parts. Cleaning method is: first rinse, then put into hot detergent, brush with wool washing, then wash clean with 80 ℃ hot water, dry and set aside. 5. Maintenance pulsator pulsator and vacuum hose unpick and wash once a week, and check whether the pulsator rubber film is in good condition, whether wall holes and air flow. After assembled, in accordance with the 40 ~ 70 times/min pulsation frequency adjust good, ready for use. Pulsator refueling should be carried out according to the requirement of the supplier. Is milking machine to maintain a critical step in this step, if there is no normal work pulsator, will really affect the work of milking machine. Milk following these vendors would introduce the correct method for maintenance of milking machine, will be conducive to the normal work of the milking machine, and extend the use of the milking machine.
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