Mobile electronic scale production in xinjiang

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Xinjiang mobile electronic scale production; Has a mechanical and electrical company in xinjiang contact to say to want to buy a portable electronic scales, choice of 304 stainless steel material production, to the transportable, mesa size: 1. 5 * 1. 5; Range accuracy is: 500 kg / 0. 1 kg, still need to configure A12E table. After a detailed understanding, our company salesman showed that our electronic scale can meet user requirements, but the goods time need a certain amount of time, after constantly learn to co-operate, Zui, successfully received the user's deposit, now, portable electronic scales has been put into production. Just instrument co. , LTD. Is a Shanghai heng electronic scale manufacturer, has the function of a variety of different styles of electronic scale spot supply, but also has a variety of different specifications and parameters can be selected, you better easy to use, special needs can also be non-standard customized oh. Consultation telephone: 021 - 67689703. Portable electronic scales images: after-sales service: about price: the price for the quotation of the service firm offers! About quality: replacement for seven days, one year warranty, life-long maintenance! Of make out an invoice, to make out an invoice customers can contact customer service! On the certificate: every product before shipment with a certificate of quality, please rest assured purchase! About the delivery: delivery cycle 3 - after place the order 5 days, with the spot will be issued in a short period of time, such as customer needs non-standard custom, specific delivery time by the customer service to inform you that the goods sent after customer service will contact the customer, providing a single convenient customer the goods tracking number! The terms of payment: all products support online payment! Or home purchase can be! Normal manufacturer! Please rest assured the choose and buy! About maintenance: if the customer product malfunction, the Shanghai area in a short time to solve the problem for you, I get home in other parts of the user provided by the customer service specific to your solution;
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