Modern construction - stable Not just a house and a garden

by:Desing      2020-03-27
It took 4, 5 months decorate so that the future can comfort, comfort. Every detail has to spend idea to think about, in order to achieve in your most satisfied with the stable walk a horse machine effect. Along with the rising of equestrian sport in China, more and more people are involved in the equestrian industry, the new horse, horse field transformation, etc. , in terms of the construction of the stable, like building a house of our own home, and then to decorate, comprehensive consideration of various factors, also is a time-consuming process, how can let the horse and groom riders can live comfortable, comfortable in the stable, also really have to make great efforts one time? The stable construction when we go to pick the house, first look at the family structure, have sufficient daylighting, whether can meet the needs of population in the home, floor. Similarly, when we build a stable, also should fully consider ventilation and natural light, the height of the stable to high enough, provide the best environment - for the horse Similar to nature. The horse's nature is when I feel dangerous, fled to a safe environment, at the same time, the horse is also a social animal, in building a stable when considering the above factors, will let your horses live in comfortable a lot in the future.
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