Modern high-tech: livestock scale 'to witness the progress of The Times'

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Along with the advance of modern social life and improve, people for more convenient and simple and practical tools also require higher and higher, to the development and progress of society and meet the requirements of people and the implementation of science and technology more concise society, more and more wide variety of technology products also emerge in endlessly, now we need to introduce the livestock scale, it witnessed the progress of the society development and satisfy people's needs, and to make society more harmonious more science and technology. Product name: livestock scale product model: SG - Scope of SCS range: 600 kg, 1 t and 2 t, 3 t, 5 t. / specifications and the biggest weighing smallest size mm DCS - indexing table SG- DW0808 1t - 3 t 200 - 500g 800X800 DCS- SG- DW0810 1t - 3 t 200 - 500g 800X1000 DCS- SG- DW1010 1t - 3 t 200 - 500g 1000X1000 DCS- SG- DW1012 1t - 3 t 200 - 500g 1000X1200 DCS- SG- DW1212 1t - 3 t 200 - 以下1200x1200 dcs - SG- DW1215 1t - 3 t 200 - 500g 1200X1500 DCS- SG- DW1515 1t - 3 t 200 - 500g 1500X1500 DCS- SG- DW1520 1t - 5t 500 - 1000g 1500X2000 DCS- SG- DW2030 1t - 10t 500 - 2000g 2000x3000 dcs - SG- DW2040 1t - 20 t 1000 - 2000 g 2000 x4000 component of product: DCS - XC - H livestock scale standard configuration: 1, high strength and overall scale ( Choose 304 stainless steel construction) 2, high precision of cantilever type ( Presser foot type) 3, work XK3190 series intelligent weighing sensor ac/dc 4, all stainless steel anti surge connector accessories matching: 1, XK3190 - A9P print meter 2, large screen display ( 3 inches, 5 inches, 8 inches) 3, weighing management software 4, power surge protector, UPS uninterruptible power supply, mobile wheel according to the characteristics of the above 5 Shanghai action instruments specially designed for slaughtering industry the TCS - can be used to say live animals H series livestock scale, cooperate with Shanghai work for research and development of livestock slaughtering SQB special weighing terminal, can effectively eliminate the weighing error, the result of the livestock walking can completely meet the requirements of the use of the slaughtering industry, can be done accurately and reliably stock trade settlement. The system is high accuracy, weighing is rapid, stable and reliable work. Especially for weighing a variety of live animals. This article is from http://www. shengchucheng。 com/
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