Most security production workshop of milk, the brand is how tempered?

by:Desing      2020-04-07
Zibo gold walter machinery technology co. , LTD. To provide customers professional milk production workshop and perfect solution, visit the web site to know milk production workshop related content, to understand the most security production workshop of milk, the brand is how tempered? Consult: and more. Reading a day big mistakes, surprised one day find, 'can only be judged, but it can't evaluate', 'people's attitudes, how do you want to check? So I tell you: 'can only be judged, but it can't evaluate. Performance evaluation must be based on facts, rather than judgment! 'Li Zeyao. Performance evaluation of the myth of day, shaking, the teacher tell you: 'attitude is the only judgment, rather than pass the exam' - — Readers, please tell me the starting point of the evaluation performance appraisal? Apparently not. Base pay and performance hook, the boy is a graduate, I want to give him a higher basic salary, or he didn't come! Starting point is the basic salary, let's talk about what is performance appraisal? What is the hook? The floating salary. In fact, y = kx + B ( The employee is equal to the bonus coefficient K times x, y) performance and basic wage total wages 。 Let's talk about performance is X, B is the starting point, the concept is very clear, so the table will be back just graphics: in front of the starting point is a judgment, no specific work. In the last of the south China sea is a trading company in performance appraisal, we are the first part of the work capability assessment, the second part of the attitude of the evaluation. I glanced, 2 seconds, I said, it is wrong to evaluate. Why, because of his view is wrong, wrong attitude can be evaluated? Capability assessment? This is the so-called judgment, evaluation, namely, don't call measurement test. So this model is very good, with such theories, models, performance evaluation becomes so simple. As the starting point of 'attitude' - - - - - - - May only take 'judgment' as the starting point of 'ability', can only be 'evaluation' of the process and results of evaluation can only be 'judgment'. 'From the works of Li Zeyao chinese-style performance appraisal' this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/33。 aspx
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