Mr Tay with your family visit rubber kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-12
According to the above, many people the byre of rubber pad has had certain understanding, in this paper, the tai insulation rubber kraal take you visit rubber stable MATS family, let you further into the rubber kraal pads in the world. Classification of rubber kraal pad USES classification according to the source, mainly divided into two categories: one is natural rubber kraal mat NR, 2 it is synthetic rubber kraal pad. Natural rubber is access to the plant, processing procedures are tapping, dilution, filtering, coagulation, drying is made. Natural rubber stall MATS mainly using natural rubber vulcanization chelating agent, filling agent. Natural rubber kraal mat the key performance has good elasticity, strong tensile strength, good resistance to tear strength, high insulation, strong adhesion, easy processing, etc. Synthetic rubber is a polymer synthetic high elasticity, have their own characteristics, of its rich variety, wide range of USES. Synthetic rubber kraal pad is divided into two categories: one is general rubber kraal pad, 2 it is the special rubber kraal pad. General rubber stall variety, mainly have SBR styrene-butadiene rubber kraal pad nitrile rubber, butadiene rubber byre cushion BR, kraal MATS BR, neoprene, kraal CR, butyl rubber stable MATS IIR, EPDM, kraal pad EPDM and so on. Nitrile rubber mainly oil resistant performance, heat resistance and antistatic. Mr Tai insulation rubber stall MATS, rubber kraal pad according to the functional purpose to distinguish: consists of oil resistant rubber kraal pad, acid and alkali resistant rubber byre, heat-resistant rubber stall MATS, antistatic radio pad, rubber stall MATS, non-slip rubber kraal mat and so on. Special rubber kraal cushion performance is outstanding, has the general rubber kraal pad does not have the special performance, but the price is expensive. The most commonly used are mainly silica gel plate with fluorine rubber sheet. Main styrene-butadiene rubber products have good wet resistance, low rolling resistance and good wear resistance good comprehensive balance, the performance of butyl rubber and epdm performance is similar, but are less in the ethylene propylene rubber, has the best air tightness and damping; The disadvantage is that processing performance. Silica gel plate main characteristic is high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, best best, corona resistance, ozone resistance with air permeability. Fluorine rubber sheet with high temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, the vacuum resistance, flame retardant effect best, etc. Related: flame retardant rubber kraal mat is what effect is good
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