Mutton sheep management measures in winter

by:Desing      2020-12-02
Note grass catch winter fat sheep are grazing animals, should give priority to in order to feed the grass, to keep sheep don't DiaoBiao, winter will have foot sheep winter forage, this is to ensure that the material basis for the sheep for the winter. Should press sheep Numbers and the number of need, widely collect all kinds of grass, hay, leaves, CaiBang, leafy vegetables and crops straw, can through the ammoniation, alkalization and heap storage feeding, also can make silage and feed feed fermentation. Grain feed, corn, barley, wheat bran, and cake and vinasse are fed sheep feed, the feed to feed collocation, diversified. Warm living circle against the cold, as the saying goes 'warm three fat', before winter must repair is good, the shelter barn to keep warm, the old sheep shepherd said 'cold in the wind' is quite reasonable, thus to prevent evil wind invades, doors and Windows with plastic film sealing good, hang a careless at night, the ground to dry, not frozen, to prevent cold and wet. Because many sheep house leak, too cold, and the sheep body will increase fuel consumption, even feed better, but also fat in winter. Therefore, reducing the loss of the sheep body heat to warm up the most effective way is fixed. In cold winter, as long as let sheep live in the housing of the warm, can greatly reduce body heat is lost sheep, sheep can avoid catch a cold, prevent a cold, winter sheep also have guarantee. Qiao winter night fill most of the winter sheep have been pregnant, the weather is cold, but not always lying motionless in a circle, is unfavorable to pregnant sheep and fetal growth and development, should be combined with the proper motion of grazing, also save forage grass. Winter shepherd group, should choose lee xiangyang, low-lying warm ditch grazing, in case of strong wind. Sheep should winter night out early, laid the priest, with the wind for grazing. Because of the late early is warmer for a period of time in a day. Laid grazing, can prevent the blow coat open, is helpful to keep warm, but the cattle do not have enough to eat during the day, night to feed back this evening to eat the material. Sheep are ruminants, digestive ability strong, can add hello ye4’s grass isn and feed concentrate, and adequate forage mineral, in order to meet the breeding sheep, pregnant sheep and fetal nutrition needs. Salt appetizing feed water someone said winter sheep high-maintenance, brine love fat. As long as the salt added to water in the water the sheep, the sheep will eat grass, love the water, is easy to become fat, is justified. Salt appetite, can eat to digestion, still can check leaven, sheep not bulging belly, eat well, less disease. Such as water shortage, and the sheep of shutter ( Disc stomach) And nose is dry, grazing sheep is not love, also does disease easier to stomach. But sheep can't drink the water too cold, don't drink cold water and well water. Because the winter cold, drink another full cold water can make the temperature drop, easy to catch a cold fever. Especially pregnant sheep can't stand, more easy to abortion, the loss is big, so it's best to drink warm water. No condition to drink deep well water, but are now play now drink, to prevent the long put cold, or put the tank interior, drinking water at room temperature, the temperature around 10 ℃, can reduce harmful stimulation of gastrointestinal. Lamb safe anti flowing into winter, neither snow sliding along the road, and ewes pregnancy, attention should be paid to spuc, should pay attention to prevent terror when grazing and slippery, don't walk steep slope, gully, however, no risk way. Prohibit the dragons interference, in order to avoid shock group ZhaQun. Pregnant sheep in and out of the door to prevent congestion, extrusion and upper frame, to ensure the safety of pregnant sheep, avoid a miscarriage. Pregnant sheep grazing, don't be too far away from home, to prevent too tired or lambing, in order to handle in time. If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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