Native goat wintering need reasonable grazing

by:Desing      2020-12-01
This net news 'is the main housing to keep warm, to hang around the sheep pen wind careless or plastic film, do the roof leak not, all don't air leakage, prevent cold cold sheep in Montenegro. 'A few days ago, reporters came to the town of sanxi dragon flower village, farmers see native goat Liu Bosheng, he is to repair the sheep pen. The 66 - year - old Liu Bosheng, from waterworks retired in 2005, came to dragon put flower village contracted more than 100 mu land for breeding native goat, now has more than seven years of breeding history, can make more than 10, ten thousand yuan a year. 'Started keeping native goat, I planted a lot of fall, because do not understand technology, that year winter, because there is no ready, 18 with few breeding sheep. 'In the face of a huge loss, Liu Bosheng didn't give up, but start looking for breeding technology of native goat, self-study and buy back the related books. After years of groping, liu is now a local aquaculture expert. 'In fact native goat for the winter, the most important is to do to keep warm, warm note good forage, and do reasonable grazing. 'Talk about how to make the native goat safe wintering, liu began to talk. His introduction, the winter for native goat to gather the food in the wild forage scarce, and energy and nutritional value of hay decaying leaves are poor, native goat in over-wintering stage, such as eat is bad, do not have enough to eat is easy to cause DiaoBiao. Therefore, note the winter forage, supplementary feeding to native goat is very important. In addition, still should prepare some concentrate, enhance the effect of supplementary feeding. Warm in the cold, should make a check for the housing before winter, fixing bugs, to prevent drafts and snow drifting into, guarantee the circles are warm and dry. The cold wave comes, should upset mat grass. In addition, don't be in the black hills shelter combustion fire to heat up, in case of native goat because smoke while suffering from pneumonia. If it is easy to raise native goat greenhouses, extending outward, the roof can be set up plastic greenhouses, the top cover grass curtain. Liu introduced at the same time, in winter, except blizzard weather should stick to graze every day, especially in the early winter, dry leaves are still relatively abundant, hardy plants also have growth, at this moment, we need to work quickly to grazing, night out early, as much as possible to native goat eating some grass. When grazing, want to choose the shelter xiangyang, the terrain, water good pasture, and pay attention to put after put in shade slope first, first put after the ditch ditch slope, after the first low grass tall grass, make native goat walk less, eat grass. Insist on against the wind, wind, make native goat to gradually adapt to the cold. Supervision should be strengthened at the same time, don't let the native goat eat to muddy grass, frost of grass and the rain of the grass. He also mentioned, that entered the winter, most female native goat was pregnant, attention should be paid to do a good job spuc. When grazing don't too tired, want to walk slowly, don't jump of trenches, climbing steep slope, frightened sheep in Montenegro. Belong to the priest, to control good sheep in Montenegro, avoid scurry heels. There is discrepancy circle door, fight crowded cause miscarriage. If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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