Nature's training a horse: collisions with horses instinct is human nature

by:Desing      2020-03-29
The meaning of natural horsemanship method is to use do not harm the horses promptly after the physical and mental pressure and application of the pressure to let the horse a conditioned reflex, that horse find won't hurt him, and also can rely on the leader. Let the horse to work and have a positive thought. If you hope your horse quiet and conquer the complete process from raw horse to ride a horse, then you can try to 'natural horsemanship method'. It is by the American cowboy traditional dressage horses and Europe method and to carry out the system training mode, widely used in modern equestrian sports. Buck brenner man is, the giants of American famous horses created more natural horsemanship method. A lot of people asked him, what is this spell? How do you do it? Less than five minutes, he can make the horse obediently followed him. 'Peace for what you want to do, but the way of doing things resolutely point' is buck brenner his life motto. You can't just love horses, buy a lot of eat, give it the favor of horse no matter use, this is no different and I baby, so can only form an arrogant, spoiled horse. The most important thing is that you cannot let them fear you, you can be serious, but not fair, not because it's not my body, will feel what's wrong with it. For horses, the biggest battle will be great racecourse guardrail control your mood, because it's easy to get angry. You have to allow the horse to make mistakes, it can learn something from it, and that human beings, but you can't let it feel afraid to make mistakes, sometimes also can be discipline and inspiration. It contains a beast and a gentle body, don't be overly critical, if it thought you were mad at it, it will close its heart. Nine months of the year time, buck brenner, across the country, on a four-day horses clinic teaching. Buck horses diagnosis of all the famous phrase, 'the purpose of clinic practice is for humans to understand their horses, and I can help them do better. 'As he often said to his students, not so much in my gang problem between processing and the horse, as in dealing with problems between man and help. Large minority, for their part, hope all horse is enthusiastic, superior, but the premise is you must and Ma Cheng as friends, set up the trust. In this process, buck set of signals is one of the most important information, if do not work, you must want to methods in another way. He will not always find some arguments of the reason and the excuses for himself, he will not let you become a victim, he will only make you more strong, more strong. If you can find a way to adapt to this, this will allow you to do better, this will also let you in other category related to the horse to do better. Profound good horse riding is not just about how to control, which includes the what do you think about family, look at the attitude of strangers. Can you will give others an opportunity, just like give the horse a time. Natural horsemanship method is a kind of thinking, different people have different ideas, and not try to change, but change our way of thinking in order to better understand the nature of horses, so be a good trainer should first of all know a horse's talent and behavior, there is no complete knowledge system, consciousness theory just damage the relationship between you and the horse horse injury.
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