Oil resistant rubber kraal pads need to be noted in the process of application

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Mentioned oil resistant rubber kraal mat, I believe everyone's heard of it, so it need to pay attention to in the process of application? The rubber kraal pad below small make up for your detailed introduction of oil resistant rubber stall MATS products. First, oil resistant rubber kraal pad in contact with oil medium to long-term use process, the oil can infiltrate into the rubber inside make its produce swelling, cause the strength of the rubber and other mechanical properties reduced. Oil can make the rubber swelling occurs, because after the oil into the rubber, the molecular diffusion, the vulcanizates of mesh structure change. Second, oil resistant rubber kraal pad oil resistance, depends on the polarity of the rubber and oil, rubber molecules containing polar groups, such as cyano, ester, hydroxyl, chlorine atoms, etc, can make the rubber show polarity. Polarity rubber and non-polar oil oil contact, polarity of the two large difference, rubber not easy swelling at this time. Such as nitrile rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, acrylate rubber, chlorohydrin rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine silicone of non-polar oils have good oil resistance. Third, oil resistant rubber kraal mat is one of the main purposes is used as a seal. Due to the axis of rotation speed is higher, seal products to sustain large friction torque, especially under the condition of the lubrication effect is bad, the life of the sealing area heat is larger, can lead to sticky or rubber and metal bonding performance improvement, make the seal damage, resulting in seal failure. Fourth, the temperature is one of the effective ways to reduce friction area are add lubrication in rubber packing, in order to reduce the friction factor of the rubber. Such as molybdenum disulfide and graphite in rubber production formula. In addition, using ptfe ( PTFE) , ptfe has excellent resistance to medium and atmospheric aging performance, wide use, good self-lubricating properties, friction factor is very small, it is coated on the surface of rubber can greatly reduce the surface friction factor of rubber products, improve the wear resistance and dielectric resistance. Above is rubber kraal small make up summary about oil resistant rubber stall MATS products matters needing attention in the use process, hope to be of help!
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