One of the modern harness

by:Desing      2020-03-31
The emergence of walk a horse walk a horse machine let us lamenting the horse also have a running machine. But we are running is voluntary, a horse walk a horse machine is passive movement, the necessity of such embodied in where? One full year of life colts need to exercise to prepare before an auction, sport horse riding equipment need to warm up before the game, 热身) , after the game need to walk, namely 'campaign' ( 冷却下来) Cool, in order to set-up circle fence, ill need rehabilitation exercise ( 恢复) And healthy horse also needs to exercise every day to meet the needs of the fitness of training circle fence. In English there is a word called Hot Walker. Horses need people take exercise, or walk a horse. When the horse less emphasis has been placed on the ring fence, also easy; When the horse much emphasis has been placed on the circle fence and fewer keepers equestrian equipment, became a problem. So, the earliest walk a horse machine ( 热Walker) Was born. His horse was simple and easy, in the walk a horse machine on the handle of defect is easily sprained his horse's neck, and only is a kind of speed - — The walk. With the development of science and technology, a new kind of walk a horse machine gradually replace the old walk a horse. New walk a horse machine main features: manual and automatic, the available computer program control, three kinds of speed ( Walk, trot, running) , can time constant speed, can move forward and reverse direction, the horse don't tied up, there are outdoor, also have take cedar-wood, the latter can be all-weather conditions, provide capacious and comfortable movement space for the horses and the environment. Horses can be completed in accordance with the requirements of the trainer, different speed of movement, for the healthy growth of the horses and later a good physical basis. Greatly reduces the work intensity of horse trainer at the same time, reduce labor cost, fully embodies the advantages of high efficiency and low cost. Walk a horse machines are available in at the same time a four horses, six horses, eight horses, ten horses type, such as to meet the needs of the different size racecourse. Practice, walk a horse machine in exhibiting purebred farms, stud farm, racetrack, training institutions and the most widely used endurance race. Though is greatly save the human, but there is always a kind of mechanical industry instead of the arts and crafts regret, although this kind of machine made up for the lack of the artificial, and in all time to ma activity space, but always a little less 'sentiment'.
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