Operation process of cow milking machine

by:Desing      2020-02-25
Cow Milking machine is the main equipment of modern machinery milking, which can greatly improve the milking efficiency. Being familiar with its structure and operation method is related to the quality of milk and the safety of cow breasts, therefore, we must know its operation process in detail. Like manual milking, hot water should be used before milking with a cow milking machine (50 ~ 55C)Scrub and massage breasts. Turn on the switch and turn on the power to turn the motor. Adjust the vacuum pressure gauge so that the vacuum is close to 30-35 cm, generally not higher than 40 cm. Then connect the thick rubber tube to the switch of the catheter and turn on the switch. At this time, one hand holds the milk tube of the milking cup, the other hand opens the switch on the milking barrel cover, and the milking cup is put on the nipple from the farther side. The pulsatile frequency of the puller is generally adjusted to 50-60 times/min. In the process of milking, the milk flow can be observed through the peep glass tube on the milking machine. If there is no milk circulation, the switch on the milking barrel or the switch on the catheter should be closed, gently remove the milking cup and hang it on the lid of the milking barrel. The new milking cup can automatically fall off according to the milk flow. After milking with a cow milking machine every time, the milk barrel and relevant parts in contact with milk should be disassembled and cleaned, washed with cold water first, and then washed with hot water at 85 ℃. The method is to connect the main pipe (Thick rubber tube) , Open the switch on the catheter, reverse the milk collector, immerse the milking cup into the water, and then open the switch on the milking barrel cover, so that the water is sucked into the milking barrel, wash the milking cup and the milk tube before washing the lid and the barrel wall. After washing, wash with hot water, and then hang the milking machine on the shelf to dry. The correct operation process of the cow milking machine can not only ensure the quality of milk, but also has important significance for the normal operation of the equipment and the improvement of work efficiency.
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